Terry Tea Towels

huggable_kitchen_bathroom_tea_towelsWe have largest catalog about Terry Tea Towels. Manufacturing with Automatic & Shuttle less looms to produce the Dobby, Jacquard & Dyed Terry Towels in the Best Quality. We can offer Solid Dyed Terry Towels with Fancy Dobby borders, Stripes Terry Towels, Velour Stripe Towels & Special Kitchen Towel. We can offer Double Jacquard Terry Towels & Velour Double Jacquard Terry Towels. We are now able to offer wide range of Terry Towels from Low End Solid & Yarn Dyed Striped Terry towels to high End Luxurious as well as Solid Dyed Terry Towels with Fancy Dobby Borders. Velour Double Jacquard. As a Manufacturer, we can assure you about Quality & in time delivery with reasonable prices.

Fancy Stripe tea_towel_big_check_yellow_blue
Fancy Stripe Terry Tea Towels 50x70cm 130gram
Check Towel 80g
Terry Check Tea Towels size: 40x60cm 75-80gram
Luxury Packing
Luxury Style with Luxurious Packing